Established in 2002, Limetown was built on top of the limestone caves in White County, Tennesee. Limetown was owned by a private company known as Realore which was owned by R.B. Villard. Ran by the lead researcher, Dr. Oscar Totem, the town was to house over 1,0000 researchers and their families. It is unclear what they were researching or why Limetown even existed. Some would speculate that it had to with understanding the human brain.

Citizens Edit

The citizens of Limetown were made up of the 1,000 researchers and their families. They all had roles and jobs that they had to do. Some didn't like their jobs, but they loved living in Limetown. They would regard it as safe. There were no locks on any of the doors because there was no crime. "It was Mayberry, except it was run by some of the smartest people on the planet."

The Panic Edit

February 8, 2004, 300 men, women, and children disappeared from Limetown. Many of the survivors of The Panic had stayed silent and had even gone into hiding until Lia Haddock's investigation into Limetown, The Panic and the whereabouts of those missing.