Lia Haddock is an investigative reporter with American Public Radio and the narrator of the Limetown podcast. She was seventeen years old when the disappearance at Limetown occurred.


​Lia's paternal uncle, Dr. Emile Haddock, lived in Limetown. He had met Lia when she was a baby, the two never met again. As she grew older, she was told stories of her estranged Uncle. So, when the community went up in flames, she naturally felt a calling to her odd connection to Limetown,  she's quoted, saying "It seems I was always supposed to tell the story. So, without any further delay, the following report is the first of seven." 

In the season finale, Episode 6: Cost Benefit Analysis (Season 1 Finale)*, Lia is told several times by Lenore that she was the "apple" of Emile's eye. What was meant is a general question, one with no apparent answers.

  • although we were told that Limetown would be seven episodes, only six have been published. The sixth does say that it is the final of Season 1.


At the time of the Panic, Lia was 17.

Lia works at APR (American Public Radio), as a journalist. She mentions that her motivation to become a journalist lies with her Uncle being in Limetown.

The first thing that happened to Lia during recording, was the man who was pounding on her hotel door. This man, whom is still unknown, had lost enough blood to be pronounced dead--but no body was found. 


"It seems I always supposed to tell the story. So, without any further delay, the following report is the first of seven."

"What makes the Limetown tragedy unique, what makes it worth a continuing discussion, in spite of the collective moving on, is the complete lack of context. In the 10 years since, no one group or individual has taken responsibility. No explanations have been uncovered, or given with any credibility and, most tragically, no survivors have been found."

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