"Yes, but that's not all I am. I'm also a very bad person."
A mole planted into Limetown from the very beginning, Lenore Dougal was present when The Panic began, there as a member of the elite clean-up group hired to systematically eliminate almost all Limetown citizens, save those with the tech implants.

When Limetown was in its infancy, she was carefully added to those chosen "an outside firm", as she puts it. When the time came, she anonymously approached Oscar Totem with an offer from the same spy agency she worked for: call a specific number, agree to the terms, and turn a greater profit then expected. The offer fell through, however, when Oscar did not call in time and was killed by the rioting that marked the start of The Panic.

Sometime after this all ended, Lenore retired from the agency she reported to and withdrew, eventually contacting Emile Haddock and experiencing a change of heart.

After confessing her role in the violent ends of Limetown and its subsequent survivors to Lea, Lenore commits suicide by overdose. Before dying, she invites Lea to take the pills as well, telling her "...they're going to try to use you to find him."